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      • value

        protected int value
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      • ICONST

        public ICONST(int value)
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      • execute

        public Instruction execute(ThreadInfo ti)
        Description copied from class: Instruction
        this is the real workhorse returns next instruction to enter in this thread <2do> it's unfortunate we roll every side effect into this method, because it diminishes the value of the 'executeInstruction' notification: all insns that require some sort of late binding (InvokeVirtual, GetField, ..) are not yet fully analyzable (e.g. the callee of InvokeVirtuals is not known yet), putting the burden of duplicating the related code of enter() in the listener. It would be better if we factor this 'prepareExecution' out of enter()
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        execute in class Instruction
      • getValue

        public int getValue()